[Art]: Octopus eating some curry


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May 30, 2000
TONMO.com member octobloke has contributed another work of art from his friend Robin Davies. Per octobloke, "My friend Robin Davies did another picture of my mascot 'Asterisk'. This is him at his favourite Indian restaurant probably enjoying a nice king prawn curry."

Re: [Art]: Octopus eating some curry

This has gotta be the most adorable -- and original -- cephy pic I've ever seen! Are there any prints of this for sale?

But I'm kinda confused....which Robin are we talking about here? I don't know who Robin Davies is, but if it's the other Robin I'd be curious about when he found the time between films to take up visual arts?

Na Noo Na Noo,
Glad to see the portrait of 'Asterisk' has gone down so well. Unfortunately, the pictures of him are originals and they are all on my sideboard and not for sale, sorry.
Robin Davies who did the picture, just to sort out any confusion, is a good friend of mine and a very good artist and cartoonist. I'm sort of of hoping he'll do some more as my original hope was to create a website devoted to 'Asterisk'. We shall see...
2 beers...hmmmm what is it with cephs enjoying a tipple? :smile: i know i'm among the guilty when it comes to this topic, but im also curious.... are we just projecting our desire to have multiple limbs? or is that just a sign of the crowd we have here? :smile:

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