Aplogies for lateness but... I got octo!!


May 30, 2006
After finding a knowledgeable dealer in my local area and ordering an Octo, he arrived on tuesday of last week.

He was originally scheduled to arrive on friday, so you can imagine the hectic last minute adjustments!!

After a gruelling three hour acclimatisation in the dark, (only gruelling for me as "Silas" spent two hours with his legs through the holes in his container spinning himself around in the bag!!:lol: ), he came out of the tank and made himself at home.

I believe he is not the bimac as ordered but a vulgaris, (I will post photos to be sure) but I think I have the system to hold an O.V.

Still with the lights off, he gave me a demonstration on just how quickly and vivdly an octopus can change colour, shape and texture. One thing that silas did was to flurry his colour, like a cuttle does, shortly before moving off to make you think he was going in the opposite direction.

I have now had him a little under a week and he is as interested in me as I am in him. He stays at the front of the tank, even to sleep and waves his arms whenever someone comes into the room. I have had no ink and when I put my hand in the tank he shakes it!

As for food, I have been feeding him primarily on mussells, which I open with a knife and drop in, he swoops on these and eats them quite readily. For live food in the UK mussells are excellent value for money as they are 80 pence per pound and live quite happily in the sump removing even more waste!:razz:

I have also tried stuffing frozen food into the mussel behind the meat as well to offer diversity and as of yet he hasnt noticed and ate the lot.

At the weekend I took a trip to the beach and managed to net the huge amount of 1 crabs:cry: , which he readily ate as soon as it was dropped into the tank!

I will be taking and uploding photos this week and I will keep you informed of his progress!

Congratulations and welcome to Silas!

How big is he? A vulgaris is a good species if you have room for it - lives a bit longer than a bimac, too.

Looking forward to the pics.

how big should the tank be if u wanna keep a vulgaris???
oh and welcome silas! he seems to be a very healthy and fun octopus Your luckey to have him:smile:

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