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Anyone got an Octo-cam?


Staff member
May 30, 2000
Some of you know I run another site dedicated to billiards videos (www.poolvids.com). I'm looking into live streaming capabilities. In a "boy, what a small world" kind of situation, I am looking at a premium blip.tv account as a potential solution for this, and I need to get in touch with long-time TONMO.com member Angus to discuss it a bit, since last I spoke with him (at TONMOCON II), he worked there.

Or, if possible, I'd like to do it myself since I'm half-way there having the technology on this server with ffmpeg installed and working, plus mplayer, and other core capabilities. Seems I'd need to add red5 (adobe) which could be complicated so I'm not jumping in just yet. I'm really not an engineer.

If any one of these opportunities ends up working out on PoolVids.com, I'd like to bring the technology here to TONMO.com so that our members could leverage an interface to stream a live "show" of their home octopus, and we could promote it and display it here, with pre-determined show times, etc.

Some day!