Another Giant Squid in Newfoundland


Oct 28, 2004
While browsing the local news on the internet (I don't usually, but there was a tragic event I was readign up on), I stumbled across this news item:

A Giant Squid in Colliers 12/6/04 (VOCM News)
A giant squid has been landed in Colliers. One resident, Angela, told VOCM Niteline with Linda Swain, it's about 20 feet in length, and is somewhat mangled. Some people dragged it up up onto the beach and it's been the target of photo buffs ever since.

I'm not sure who should be contacted concerning this... we got some nasty cold weather last night and theres a bit of snow on the ground.
Nfld giant squid

Saw the story on the news...supposidly the squid was looked at by natural resource students (hence the really really white coats) and has now been taken to DFO for an autopsy. Would love to get a look at the creature up close.
Hmm, caught a short section on another giant squid found locally on the late night news tonight, but I can't find anything online.

I'll edit this post if I find anything tomorrow!

2004/2005 - good years for GS in Newfoundland?
I think I misinterpreted the news item that was on, they also stated that any future specimens should be reported to authorities promptly, so at least theres some local interest :smile:
I've just received a wee note from a reporter/producer (Mike Rossiter) from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in St. John's, Newfoundland. He says that scientists in Newfoundland have recently discovered two giant squids, measuring ~ 5 to 6 metres length, weighing about 40 kilos (they must be males). The first was found near Colliers in early December (the original post in this thread); two weeks later the other second squid was found in the waters off Triton.

So you were quite correct, a second had been found.
Funny, I just saw the news report last night but I was too tired to turn on my computer and post anything :P

Yeah, apparently the one found in Triton was found on the 22th.

The news broadcast didn't state anything particularly interesting, but they had a short interview with a Department of Fisheries and Oceans scientiest who just simply said there is very little known about the creatures and their maximum growth is unknown, and then they discussed some myths associated with the 'kraken'.

Thats two within a span of 3 weeks, I'll be sure to post any updates I get!

Information on the recent necropsy here:
Thanks for that Ummm..... The female is relatively immature (far from releasing an egg mass, but not so far from mating) - for the first time I've seen some footage of it. The male is relatively mature. I believe both have been referred to as mature in various press reports.

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