Ammonoid Correlation & Time Charts

Thanks very much for this useful chart, Kevin. I've made it 'sticky' so it will remain at the top of the threads for reference along with some of the other resource-orientated threads.

Interesting that it now denotes 'Ediacaran' as a period in its own right in the Lower Cambrian as was determined last year.
Here are a few more. If, like me, you are used to seeing colors according to the USGS. :wink: Not as detailed as the first link.

select Time Scale Charts.

The time scale comparison charts are very interesting. Amazing to see how the geologic time scale has changed over the last century.

The Geowhen database is also very useful as not all papers conform to the new 2004 timescale, it helps correlate worldwide stages and some NW europe faunal stages.
Check out the new Time Scale Generator at
(blinking in the lower right corner)
It saves the image as an .svg file and you will need the latest Java


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I can't see anything attached to your message, Fossilkid.

If you have found any ammonites you are most welcome to post images and details in the fossil forum.

Welcome too!:welcome:
Excellent work there Fossilkid. I think I might save a copy and use it as reference myself!
hey phil
thanks. plus just to let you know im only 16 years of age but i have soo much kowledge about fossils and geology u would be shocked by how much i know but thats what i have been told by paleontologists :smile: but i wont be big headed :smile:
hey guys
i cant use a camera at the moment as i just come out of hospital after having an emergency operation on my hand so i am 1 handed at the moment. but i need an id for an ammonite i found in a cretaceous sediment rock. i only have 1 picture on my forum. i know i need permission before i put a link of my forum on anouther forum. so can i have permission to send a link to a post on my forum with the ammonite picture on please ?

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