Amazing giant squid photographic surprise!


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Nov 19, 2002
I've being playing around with Photoshop trying to enhance the giant squid images and have found something stunning. The discovery could be even more sensational than has been previously announced.

See what you make of this: :smile: :



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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I just mentioned on some interview that the next great find would be the live ammonite. Kind-of knocked the wind out of the reporter!
Quick Steve! Refer him to this thread. I'll knock off the smilies in the post above and we could start a huge internet hoax going. The picture will need a bit of work first though.

Phil, I just enlarged a portion of your photo. It is quite obvious there has been pixel replacement. Your hoax will not work. :sly: especially with the shell of a Jurassic ammonoid, Late Cretaceous maybe, but not Jurassic.
New Archie Pixes

Hi All,

This is my first post here. What a cool website. Really cool that you have a world renowned marine bioligist that regularly contributes with his real name. I found the site by doing a search on O'shea yesterday when the new pixes of an Archie was released to the press.

My thoughts on the video are "so what?" They hooked a giant squid and got a few shots of it struggeling to get off the hooked jig. I don't really see how that is much of any scientific value.

I think that Steve's approach is much more sensible. Try to trap a live one and raise it in captivity. Don't give up Steve, you will make those other guys look like amateurs when you succeed.

My reaction:

First looks: Hm...someone screwed it up with a thumb or somthing...

Second look: *morning coffee on the table*

Third look: Oh ye God and Garlic Dumplings! Phil sure did it this time...

Upon closer inspection: Obvious hoax, but still great for messing with my biology teacher's brain though.