Afternoon All

Apr 8, 2004
Afternoon all,

My name is Andy Lister, Marine Biology graduate working for a pretty large chain of public aquariums in their main (and bloody huge) quarentine unit, Biological Services in England. The unit is also one of the biggest quarentine units in the world and I think we are one of the worlds biggest Seahorse breeding centres and shark moving centres, not bad eh!!! Ha, i'm so modest!

Just thought I'd stop by and say hello, we're working with a few species of ceph at the moment so should be able to get some good info here, i'm trying to look into enrichment mostly at the moment with my GPO and bimaculodies... so i'll have a good root around. If you have any questions then just PM me here or send me an Email.

Have fun peeps

Welcome to, Andy!

Looking forward to hearing more about your cephs and their enrichment program. You'll find a lot about bimaculoides here, since a lot of us have kept bimacs as pets. (None of us have a GPO at home yet :smile:

Did you get your bimaculoides from California or Texas?

:welcome: Andy

If you're interested in Octo enrichment, you might want to contact Mark Rehling at Cleveland Metropark Zoo. He's been putting together an Octo enrichment handbook for a few years now and has been known to send out CD's of it!

PM me if you want his email addy


Cheers for the welcome guys!

The GPO is about 2m wide at full stretch so she's just a little un!

Not sure where I stand with copyright of the pictures we take because they belong to the company, Sealife ( but i'll have a look.

Here we go ........

We had a rather interesting debate some years ago about the true size of Enteroctopus dofleini, then a debate on the correct generic name (Octopus/Enteroctopus). All I can say is that I've got the BIGGEST :P , Haliphron atlanticus, and that E. dofleini is a midget in comparison!
Hi Andy,

I'm quite familiar with a lot of the work your company does... have worked at several sea life centres, deep sea world etc... pleased to see you on board...

do you have any vulgaris in stock just now?
Got a few vulgaris at the moment yeah, but I think that they are all back up stock for the centres!

If you know the company from a fish side then I'm sure you'll know of Robin James and Rob Hicks, my two bosses! Haha

Good to see another Brit!
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