A Rambling Cthonic Prose


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Mar 15, 2003
If you want to join in, do so !

1. no vulgarity -remember, this is an educational site. anything we deem not proper will be deleted.

2. try to stay within the means of the story...don't go off too far !

3. have fun with it, these rambling stories crop up from time to time on Tonmo, and are quite often fun to read over and over.

Ok, now on to the setting:

Professor Houndstooth and his faithful sidekick Jasper (an islander from the south seas of questionable origin) are exploring some interesting new tombs located on Easter Island in the year of 1929.

Feel free to add on as you wish, be sure to spell check!
The low valley below him was clouded in the early morning mist, a salty fog that had blown in from the west before sunrise.

"Jasper!", Professor Houndstooth shouted, "bring up the tea and my binoculars, I do believe I have sighted the odd outcropping we have been searching for!"

Jasper grumbled and fetched the milk from the third chest, to add to the tea. It was sour, no doubt, but the elegant professor would not have Earl Grey without it being tepid in colour, and in taste.
"On my way, Professor!", said Jasper as he scurried up to the precipice. Knowing Professor Houndstooth's penchant for tea, Jasper always kept 5 or 10 bags in his front pocket. They were getting a bit damp through the fabric against his sweaty thigh, which was a fact that would remain undiscovered by both Jasper and the Professor.

"The binoculars, please", said the Professor. Jasper eagerly watched Professor Houndstooth's expression as he peered through the lenses. Had they really found what they had been looking for, or was the Professor getting delirious from the hot sun and his need for a tea?
Searching for the matching porcelain to finalize the Professor's morning indulgence, Jasper was suddenly aware of a faint sound, which seemed to eminate from accross the bay where they had first made landfall, a mere two weeks prior. Concentrating hard to establish the identity of the noise, barely above the threshold of audibility, he was startled to conclude that what he was hearing was the unmistakable bellow of a ship's fog horn.
the sound, familiar as it was, filled him with a strange dread--as if it was the voice of some huge being-- a voice composed of odd resonances and inhuman harmonics.
Jasper delivered the warmish cup of tea, curds of milk and all on top, to the professor on the bluff.
"Interesting," said Houndstooth.

"The odd rocks or the ship's horn?" Jasper took a sip of watered down wine from his bola bag.

"No, the outcropping is indeed interesting, as is the obvious arrival of our competitors from the other university," the professor sipped again, " I was remarking on the incredible amount of salinity in my tea."
... until it resolved into the form of Eustace Fickle, the gangly, reclusive graduate student who had begun studying under the Professor so many years ago that no one could recall his arrival, or even his specific line of research. Eustace had one of two curious effects on anyone he encountered: either the memory of having seen him immediately faded due to his practiced inconspicuousness, or the encountered soul would be left with a vague sense of unease and a lingering image of pale, fishy eyes behind enormous spectacles.
As Eustace emerged out of the gloom, he sneezed mightily.
"Oh dear Lord," spat Professor Houndstooth, "of all the disappointments of my career, I certainly hoped to not encounter you ever again. While your ideas bore fruit, you personally disgust me. How's tricks? Oh, and of course, Eustace, why EXACTLY are you following me, you cad? You know I was in love with her, and I trusted you. Why would you do that? Do you know how few beautiful paleontologists there are that specialize in cephs? AND YOU TOLD HER THAT ABOUT ME! JERK! I wish you plague, pestilence, may all your children breach and die, mistress-stealer."
Eustace carefully wiped the spatter of tea curds from his rather thick glasses with a small towel handed to him by Jasper.
Jasper, being wise, preferred not to take sides...especially when the Professor's love life was involved. A known philanderer, Houndstooth had causes many a scandal at Arkham and a minor revolt on the Miskatonic campus...but, he also knew where his bread was buttered, and so watched the wooing from afar.
Personally, he couldn't figure out why any woman would want to be with a man who reeked of ammonia and berries.

"So nice to see you too," remarked Eustace in a snide fashion," It has been indeed a while, has it not?" His glasses cleaned of salted tea and soured cream, he gazed about, finally locking onto the projection of rock in the distance.

"Good heaven's!" He wiped his glasses again, " You have actually found it! The entrance!"
Just then from the mist came a lightly trilling voice "Where are you dahling?" "right here sweetie pie" trilled Eustace right back, while the Professor's face took on a most unusual shade of purple. From out of the mist came a vision in silk organza, feather boa and big floppy hat, it was Arabella Blenkinsop the Professors ex, carrying with her in her big pink expedition bag all the tools an expert paleontologist might need.

"Look" said Eustance "the entrance", Araballa gazed wonderingly upon the odd shaped opening in the outcrop (which hadn't been there 2 seconds ago).

Jasper sighed and started to pack up the Professors gear and called to Mulu'oki'aitaratitapunoa (Fred for short) the native guide to come and start guiding.

The Professor said "grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" and turned if possible a darker purple at the sight of Eustace helping the dainty Arabella over the rocks.

No-one noticed the movement within the dark shadow of the newly opened portal..........
The scientists also failed to observe the unusual beak shape of the opening and the surrounding eight snake like tree limbs rhythmically twisting in the mountain breeze.

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