A question of U/V detection...

Dec 24, 2002
So last week I attended a guest zoology lecture called the "U/V World of Fishes" by Dr. Peter Nelson of U.C. Davis. He lectured on the use of the U/V spectrum by certain reef fishes as a possible means of communication.

Piggybacking on the recent recurrence in the interest of Cephalopod sight, I would like to ask if there is any evidence of U/V or I/R detection in cephalopods, especially in reef species?

An interesting sidenote - apparently these fish species don't produce the pigments necessary for U/V sight by themselves, but apparently derive them from their diet.

I've heard vague rumours somewhere that some spp of octis can see U/V and I/R but for the life of me I can't remember where.

We have some research students and staff examining u/v protection in a variety of invert larvae and some seaweeds from both Southern NZ and the Antarctic.....cos UV gets through here more than other places, both due to latitude and that darn ozone hole! but sight.........? Hmmm will need to check the reference mountain near my desk!!


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