A Pic of Pudge.

Aug 6, 2003
Here's a horrible pic of my octo, Pudge. I've had him for a week now and he attacks everything in the tank. He's attacking a game piece from the simpsons clue. I think it's Homer.
are you merely commenting on the picture quality or has the ceph in question been redubbed "pudge the horrible"?

No Squid and No Beer makes Homer something something

Pudge tryied getting out last night and I had to fight him off with the cleaning meagnet and a chopstick. A few days ago, he watched three or four Simpsons episodes with me, now he picks Bart up by the neck, tried eating Lisa, and buried Krusty head first. He doesn't play with the marbles anymore, but climbs a lego tree thing a lot and tears of the leaves. He ate the shrimp and is now after the little blue damsel.

When is this site getting a Simpsons smilie?!?!?!!!

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