4 weeks old!


Blue Ring
Mar 21, 2004
I'm proud to say that Pig is 4 weeks old (as of yesterday) and eating like a pig. (He's becoming as messy as one also.) He's grown quite a bit and will now catch food right in front of my very eyes. I've tried feeding frozen and hand feeding but have not had any luck yet.

:octopus: I'll post photos just as soon as I get some! :octopus:
Alicia, this is wonderful news! Glad Pig is doing so well and it's quite an accomplishment to mark his four week birthday! Looking forward to the pics!

I have still seen no sign of any octo in my tank, so I'm 99% sure that none survived.

Many congratulations..... would that make the tank "The Sty"?

"so be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm."
- alan ford from 'snatch'
Thanks everyone for all the encouragement!

Latest News: As some of you already know I've been calling Octopus #2 (for lack of a better name) "Pig". It hasn't really been a decided name, just what I call the little guy for how much he eats.

Today my mother decided on a permanent name. His name is now Imahogg. Really, it sounds kinda catchy when said fast. As you will see if broken down his name is "I'm a hog". I think my mother got tired of hearing the harsh "Pig" nickname. :biggrin2:

Posting pictures soon...
Just so everyone knows, Imahogg (the octopus) isn't named after anyone. He got the name because he eats like a pig.

So your little briareus is really named after someone!

Poor woman. Could you imagine the teasing as a child. Thanks for sharing.
Thats great News Alicia!!!!!!!!!!!!! As of yet I still have not seen any babies :? but Im glad one has made it and can be seen :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2:

Im going to take a break from octos for Jetta and the babies have just exhausted me :bonk: :sleeping: :P The next octo i get will be a bimac. I miss having one and really enjoyed the personality they have..

Alicia, good luck with imahog and please keep me informed :wink:


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