2nd grade octo tank

Indiana OCHO

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Oct 12, 2006
Special thanks to all of you for your help and advice as I have set up and sought out octo's for my daughter's class. I ended up with what we think is 2 dwarf's from Dan. They arrived well and looking hardy. We introduced them to their new home this afternoon and one is doing very well the other is less sure.

(They will get names tomorrow)
Something interesting happend tonight as we placed them into the aquarium. First we placed octopus number 1 in the aquarium. He/she settled in and found a happy place under a coral. Looked slightly stressed but under the circomstances who wouldn't.

OK now for the interesting part. I placed octo number two in the aquarium and it found a place on the same coral. They both hung out for a while, just settling in. Then all of the sudden Octo number 2 discovered Octo 1 and quickly went to it they entwined their legs, puffed up and flashed colors. They stayed that way for about 5 or 10 minutes. Then they began to venture out a bit from their spot. Anyone ever see to octo's do that before. They seemed to find comfort in each other. (I know I am transferring human emotions, but that is what it looked like to me.)


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More Photos

Here are a few more pictures. The quality isn't great. I had more rock in the aquarium but since the octo's are so small, I removed about 1/2 so the kids would be able to see them.


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I am sorry to say that Octo #1 did not make it through the night. He was pretty stressed out when I put him in, but I thought he had adjusted by the time we left him. RIP Octo #1. Oh, in case you are wondering he does not appear to have been bothered by his tankmate. Just too much change.
I dripped for an hour and a half. The bags you see are snails, and other goodies that he sent along. I just checked on the first one and he seems to be doing well. He has eaten quite a few tiny snails, and I left some shrimp for him.
They look great, and even though they are nocturnal, it looks like you can still see him/her. Very sorry about the other one, but they are dwarfs, and probably more fragile then say bimacs. I'll be getting 4 of these beauts for "group behavior study" lol. I wnt to see how they interact with each other, hopefully not with the mouths.
I wonder if perhaps the behavior you witnessed between the two was mating, and Octo #1 was the male? I know the dwarf species only mate for a few minutes, to minimize the chance of being eaten while they are doing the deed, and the male generally dies afterwards. I wouldn't think it would die THAT soon though...

Just a thought.

I've seen Einy take on Fiddlers and get caught by a giant claw a few times and he goes right back after them. IMO these little Mercatoris' are pretty dang tough.
By the way, how about an update? :biggrin2:

I remember when I was in 1st grade one of the teachers in another room had a tiny seahorse and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. I can only imagine enthusiasm your class has. I wish I had been in your class!
I wondered about breeding myself, but since I had just placed them in the tank, I thought it might just be comfort in numbers. Anyway it was very interesting to see. At the very least I would insist that they were pleased with each others company.

Anyone else have a suggestion?
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