20,000 Leagues & the Ceph Media

Apr 7, 2004
I have been collecting a number of these different items and media for a while now. Some I own, some I am looking for. They do not really fit into my Ceph Furniture, or Ceph Jewelry threads.

Still, I thought 20,000 Leagues is such a rich vein to tap especially with all of its variants into books, movies, children's sets, and such that I would start a thread for it.

After all, we are the ceph central site (try that illiteration!). I thought Culture & Entertainment the fitting place for a thread of such media.
20,000 Leagues...Animated Movie

Thsi is a children's version that is animated. It's not bad and is better than some of the others I have seen.

Besides, the cover is great.


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20,000 Leagues...Comic

As you can tell this one is older. I believe its is from the mid-70's.

I'll let you know as soon as I own it.


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20,000 Leagues...Comic

Another comic submitted for your approval...

This one is by Classics Illustrated. Calssics Illustrated did about 5 variants of these. I own a couple of them already.

The art is not bad. A little campy, granted, but not bad.

Personally I think the cover looks like an old Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew mystery...


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20,000 Leagues...Absolute Vodka Ad

Aye, submariners, this would seem to be way off course.

All this is, is an ad for Absolute. All it uses (in the traditional Absolute minimalist way) is a bottle and a tentacle. Boom! Emotinal, evocative, and with very little prompting.

That's the beautiful thing about these little monstros that we love. They are very emotive of the ocean. They are quick to symbolize the water and all that it entails.


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20,000 Leagues...Patch

This is something that many friends covet.

Another little something from Disney. It's a 20,000 Leagues patch. I blew it up so that all could see the detail.


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20,000 Leagues...Record

This is a fun little piece which should remind some of us older people of our childhoods in the early 70's.

This was put out by Golden Records and is a record set (they normally had a book that came wit it and one would turn the page when there was a beep).


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20,000 Leagues...Game

Here is another oldie...

It's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea the Game".

Of course, it's put out by Disney which is why the ship is so familiar. Check out the ceph in the lower, left hand.


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20,000 Leagues...Cartoon

Beware, these are the same DVD's...

As you can imagine, I love the art work from the first cover; however the second cover is what the animation is like from both DVD's.


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20,000 Leagues...Children's Book

This was actually pretty neat.

It is from Eyewitness Classics and gives the child a lot of little inclusios in the margins. Everything from the path the ship took to seal life, under water forests, and historical ships.

It was also sponsored by Chic-fil-A.


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20,000 Leagues...Stamp

Here is a fun little piece.

You should be able to tell by the big eared guy that this is a Disney based stamp. This also allows the Nautilus in the background to have the same overall look as the movie including the pet seal of Nemo's and the same looking squid.


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20,000 Leagues...Johnny Quest

Ok, you realize that a thrill seeker like Race Bannon wasn't going to miss this kind of action.


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20,000 Leagues...Art

This is just a fun piece by an unknown artist.

The men of the Nautilus look very conquistadorian to me and I like the machinations almost hidden in the border.


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