Добрый день from Sakhalin!


Dec 26, 2018
Recently I did a necropsy on two stranded and deceased sperm whales at Kunashir, Kuril Islands, Russian Far East. From one of the stomachs, 2060 upper - and 2010 lower squid beaks were collected. I would like to try to estimate total weight of food mass, and used these formulas: Mantle Length = 44.2 + 357.9*(Rostrum length) - (Wolff, 1984) and Body Weight (g) = 0.0151 × (Mantle Length (mm) )3.2. Something goes wrong with the latter formula and I keep getting huge values. Could anyone advise on what I am doing wrong or what other formulas better to use? Best of thanks!
@DWhatley, thank you very much - your help is appreciated. Let me give a calculation example: at a calculated mantle length of 606 mm Body weight/gram (?) = 0.0151 X (606)3.2 = 12102897,2041 The outcome seems such a weird value, hence the question. The stomach contents did not show any plastics(fortunately) and out of pure curiosity we are trying to identify the squid beaks and calculate the amount of food intake. Fascinating animals!

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