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  1. octobot

    [Fishing / Fisheries] Eight new Chinese trawlers head to Moroccan octopus fishery

    From Seafood Source: A major Chinese fishery firm has sent eight large new trawlers to Morocco to target octopus and other species, according to the state-owned firm. Continue reading...
  2. First records of egg masses of Nototodarus gouldi (McCoy, 1888)

    First records of egg masses of Nototodarus gouldi (McCoy, 1888)

    (Mollusca: Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) with comments on egg-mass susceptibility to damage by fisheries trawl New Zealand Journal of Zoology, 2004, Vol. 31: 161–166 0301–4223/04/3102–0161 © The Royal Society of New Zealand 2004 Z03030; Online publication date 12 May 2004 Received 24 July 2003...