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  1. Alicia-pj-squid


    Can you even? Baby pyjama squid (Sepioloidea lineolata); photo by Alicia Bitondo. --tonmo
  2. John Reichard

    Can you help me id my new octopus please!!!

    Can you help me id my new octopus please!!! today I have received my new octopus from Octopus - Pacific He is pretty small and adorable. Here are some pics. I don't think he a bimac because he dose not have any rings.
  3. Wunderpus paralarvae

    Wunderpus paralarvae

    One day olld, eggs laid in in a tank at UCB from a wild female. Trying to raise them in my home wet lab.
  4. Enteroctopus zealandicus (larva)

    Enteroctopus zealandicus (larva)

    This one is of Enteroctopus zealandicus, a larva, VERY similar to that of Enteroctopus dofleini