Can you help me id my new octopus please!!!

Nov 26, 2016
west pam beach, Florida
Can you help me id my new octopus please!!!
today I have received my new octopus from Octopus - Pacific
He is pretty small and adorable. Here are some pics. I don't think he a bimac because he dose not have any rings.


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As noted, small octos are especially tricky to ID. Since it looks a lot like O. mercatoris (coloring, arm to mantle ratio, lack of skin texture and consistency of color) but is labeled as from the Pacific, I'll guess O. bocki. There have been quite a few of these to show up in recent months. One distinguishing factor would be eyes that look sort of like fat ovals (vs round - I call them tractor trailer eyes) but I can see that in the pictures.

It is very unlikely to be O. hummelincki (filosus). This species was often sold by in the years before the 2010 earthquake (imported from Haiti) and found in the Caribbean. It has eye spots like a bimac but is a warm water species that frequently exhibits papillae with a different (more purple) red.
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Also note that you cannot put a cuttlefish and an octopus in the same tank. The cuttlefish will become octo food.

If you are interested in keeping cuttles, Sepia bandensis is the most commonly kept in home aquariums. They are usually purchased as eggs and hatched in the tank then fed live mysis for a month or two until they can eat larger prey. They can usually be converted to eating frozen mysis but the initial live food expenses are heavy unless you have a local source.
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