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  1. Jesuisuncalmar

    Jenna McFarland from Lansing Michigan

    Jenna here. I'm just a squid enthusiast. I'm a pipefitter by trade but I find squids fascinating and like to read about them. I collect squid stuff and annoy my co-workers when someone accidentally asks me about squids ? I have several squid tattoos. The collar bone one being a nod to the church...
  2. Cephalopod Tattoos

    Cephalopod Tattoos

    By Tony Morelli Thales' cuttlefish/squid hybrid tattoo The TONMO Image Gallery contains dozens of images of cephalopod tattoos, broken down into three categories:octopus, cuttlefish, and squid. Cephalopod tattoos are one of the most popular subjects on TONMO -- our gallery has millions of...
  3. Octopus tattoo

    Octopus tattoo

    Hand-poked with a single needle, not a machine.
  4. sedna


    Is there a thread somewhere for tats? I've gotten a few since the last time I visited... The "sock" is a work in progress, more to come, adding color is the next step.
  5. tonmo

    [Article]: Cephalopod Tattoos

    Thanks to the respondents to our survey, I was able to put together this brief article on cephalopod tattoos, which is a popular topic with many TONMO.com visitors. Enjoy, and thanks again for the responses from folks who own them! Cephalopod Tattoos