1. tonmo

    [Sold Out]: 1 bimac, 2 East Pacific Red Octopus for sale

    FOR SALE: East Pacific Red Octopus (O. rubescens) (currently available: 2) - $215 each; includes shipping (US only). (pic not available) Two-spot octopus (O. bimaculoides) (currently available: 1) - $185 each; includes shipping (US only). Pic: Eligibility [IMPORTANT]: Prior to your...
  2. O rubescens male 6 12 2022.jpg

    O rubescens male 6 12 2022.jpg

    An Octopus rubescens cruises just off the substrate.
  3. O rubescens web cast 5 29 2018.jpg

    O rubescens web cast 5 29 2018.jpg

    Octopus rubescens web casting to trap and catch a shrimp. Notice how the the arm tips are positioned to block the openings in the web. Roy
  4. O rubescens 5 9 2018.jpg

    O rubescens 5 9 2018.jpg

    Octopus rubescens collected in December, 2017 has tripled in size in five months.
  5. Neogonodactylus

    [Octopus]: Good year for Octopus rubescens

    There seem to be a lot of juvenile Octopus rubescens on the northern California coast. Heere is one that I have had in the lab for a couple of months. Roy
  6. Tintenfisch

    (Renamed) Kat out on MBARI's Western Flyer

    Hopefully this doesn't jinx me, but... chances are good that I'll be seeing some live deep-sea cephs fairly soon! I've been invited to join a MBARI research cruise on the Western Flyer, 22-28 March, which will be operating ROVs and other cool gadgets. The expedition is headed up by Bruce...