1. Octopolis Issue 1 is coming to Kickstarter May 14

    Octopolis Issue 1 is coming to Kickstarter May 14

    I draw and write all of Octopolis. The first issue is finished, and will be self-published on Kickstarter in May.
  2. The myth of Octopolis

    The myth of Octopolis

    Octopuses don’t leave skeletons themselves, so they have no idea that the mysterious ‘two-tailed fish’ built these ruins. They believe in an Ancient sea-spanning Empire that wielded unimaginable power, ruled by octopuses like themselves. They call it… Octopolis.
  3. The Old Empire

    The Old Empire

    Ruins of the Old Empire litter the world of Octopolis. Here the main characters explore a sunken subway station, abandoned except for a skeleton of the elusive two-tailed fish.
  4. Danger in Octopolis

    Danger in Octopolis

    As today, the ocean is not always a peaceful place. Here is a warrior queen who cannibalizes her mates and wears the beaks of her defeated enemies as a sash. She rides a giant eel that has been bred over generations for tremendous size and jaw strength.
  5. Trade & Commerce

    Trade & Commerce

    The octopuses have a vibrant trade economy. This octopus family is preparing their sledge with a load of kelp textiles and preserved krill to take to market.
  6. Advanced technology

    Advanced technology

    Octopuses have domesticated all sorts of animals for husbandry, service, and raw materials. This sand octopus rides a black-tipped reef shark and wields a turitella-shell spear.
  7. The Tide Wall

    The Tide Wall

    This is the Tide Wall, a living reef that protects the great city-state of Polyps. The parapets are studded with elkhorn coral that breach the surface at low tide, and patrolled by guards at low tide. There are two entrances: A weighted lower gate for ground transport, and a buoyant upper gate...
  8. I’ve been working on a solo graphic novel about a society of intelligent octopus. Welcome to Octopolis!

    I’ve been working on a solo graphic novel about a society of intelligent octopus. Welcome to Octopolis!

    Octopolis is set in a fictional future where humans drove themselves into extinction and intelligent octopus evolved in their wake. They’ve build their own society in the coral-encrusted ruins of our sunken cities. Disclaimer: I write Octopolis and have drawn everything you see in this image.
  9. L

    Larger & lesser pacific stripped octopus

    Is there anybody here/do you know anybody that sells/can obtain eighter the larger pacific striped octopus or the lesser pacific striped octopus? Any vendors, pet-shops etc?
  10. O. chierchiae babies (LPSO) (timeline)

    O. chierchiae babies (LPSO) (timeline)

    Richard Ross (Thales) welcomes discussion on this article in the Exotics and Rare Species forum. Octopus chierchiae is a small rarely seen octopus from Panama/Nicaragua. I was able to obtain 3 animals, 2 male and 1 female, and was able to mate them and have had a successful brood and hatching...
  11. Stalker.mp4


    In the second edition of Hanlon and Messenger's Cephalopod Behaviour they report that no octopus have been observed in the field to stalk their prey. The Larger Pacific Striped Octopus may be the exception. While this rare octopus has not been observed to stalk in the field, Rodaniche recorded...
  12. LPSO Female Resting Posture 5 25 2017 Med

    LPSO Female Resting Posture 5 25 2017 Med

    This medium sized LPSO spends much of her time during the day setting in her shell resting on her elbows. (Yes, I know that octopuses don't have elbows but the posture reminds me of my kids setting at the dining room table bored to death.) But then she detects a movement in the gravel and...
  13. Neogonodactylus

    Arcadio Rondaniche

    It is with much sadness that I report the passing last week of Arcadio Rodaniche. Arcadio was an accomplished artist and marine biologist who documented many of the marine animals of his native Panama. Those of us who study cephalopods may know him for his work in collaboration with Martin...
  14. LPSO Female 15 B Eggs In Shell 1 4 2016 C Crop

    LPSO Female 15 B Eggs In Shell 1 4 2016 C Crop

    Female Larger Pacific Striped Octpus are interoparous laying eggs over several months. Eggs are attached to the walls of the den - usually a shell. Females care for their eggs, but unlike most octopuses continue to hunt and mate while brooding. Eggs are small, about 3 mm - the size of mom's eye!
  15. Bongo Shrimp

    Super Tiny Zebra Octopus on Ebay

    I was perusing ebay this evening and came across this super tiny "zebra octopus" for sale. I am not an octopus keeper but I sure hope this guy goes to a good home. He is so tiny and cool! (and expensive)...