east pacific red

  1. Olive3.jpg


    Juvenile O. rubescens named Olive
  2. Olive skin closeup.jpg

    Olive skin closeup.jpg

    Closeup of a juvenile O. rubescens
  3. Olive closeups.jpg

    Olive closeups.jpg

    Closeups of a juvenile O. rubescens
  4. Olive eye closeup.jpg

    Olive eye closeup.jpg

    Closeup of O. rubescens eye (edited)
  5. Olive color change.jpg

    Olive color change.jpg

    3 pictures of color/texture change in a juvenile O. rubescens, each taken ~a second apart!
  6. Olive.jpg


    Juvenile O. rubescens (pale coloration)
  7. Olive eye closeups collage.jpg

    Olive eye closeups collage.jpg

    Eye closeups of a juvenile O. rubescens
  8. Olive eye closeup.jpg

    Olive eye closeup.jpg

    Eye closeup for a juvenile O. rubescens
  9. Olive collage.jpeg

    Olive collage.jpeg

    Edited pictures of a juvenile O. rubescens
  10. IMG-3734.jpg


    Juvenile east Pacific red octopus (O. rubescens) Side note: does anyone know at what point their coloration starts to darken?
  11. Olive closeups.JPG

    Olive closeups.JPG

    Closeups of my juvenile red octopus (O. rubescens) named Olive
  12. Olive Christmas.JPG

    Olive Christmas.JPG

    Happy Holidays to All!
  13. Olive closeup4 black & white.jpg

    Olive closeup4 black & white.jpg

    Closeup of juvenile O. rubescens (edited)
  14. Olive photoedit.jpg

    Olive photoedit.jpg

    Juvenile O. rubescens (edited)
  15. Olive closeup.jpg

    Olive closeup.jpg

    Juvenile O. rubescens
  16. (video) Olive hiding.mov

    (video) Olive hiding.mov

    Juvenile O. rubescens exploring his/her favorite hiding spots
  17. Olive black and white2.jpeg

    Olive black and white2.jpeg

    Juvenile O. rubescens (edited)
  18. Olive light vs dark coloration.JPG

    Olive light vs dark coloration.JPG

    Juvenile O. rubescens displaying color-change abilities!
  19. Olive Halloween.jpg

    Olive Halloween.jpg

    Happy Halloween everyone!
  20. Olive2 photoedit.jpeg

    Olive2 photoedit.jpeg

    Edited picture of juvenile O. rubescens