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east pacific red

  1. Olive closeup4 black & white.jpg

    Olive closeup4 black & white.jpg

    Closeup of juvenile O. rubescens (edited)
  2. Olive photoedit.jpg

    Olive photoedit.jpg

    Juvenile O. rubescens (edited)
  3. Olive closeup.jpg

    Olive closeup.jpg

    Juvenile O. rubescens
  4. (video) Olive hiding.mov

    (video) Olive hiding.mov

    Juvenile O. rubescens exploring his/her favorite hiding spots
  5. Olive black and white2.jpeg

    Olive black and white2.jpeg

    Juvenile O. rubescens (edited)
  6. Olive light vs dark coloration.JPG

    Olive light vs dark coloration.JPG

    Juvenile O. rubescens displaying color-change abilities!
  7. Olive Halloween.jpg

    Olive Halloween.jpg

    Happy Halloween everyone!
  8. Olive2 photoedit.jpeg

    Olive2 photoedit.jpeg

    Edited picture of juvenile O. rubescens
  9. Olive.jpg


    Baby East Pacific Red Octopus (Octopus rubescens)
  10. Olive (three spikes below eye).jpg

    Olive (three spikes below eye).jpg

    Previously misidentified as a bimac, but now I'm thinking this is an East Pacific Red (Octopus rubescens) juvenile. Note the three "spikes" below the eye...
  11. Norris

    Hello! Introduction, bimac availability, and East Pacific Red info...

    Hello Tonmo community, I received an email that recommended that I start a thread here to introduce myself. Ta da! Here I am. Great to be here. I'm new to this community, but not to octopus care. I actually raised a bimac when I was in high school in Portland, Oregon. It was a school-funded...