1. R

    [Octopus]: Oswald - O. bimaculatus My new Bimac from Tonmo

    Just received him/her this morning. Acclimated for 4 hours and got to play with him in the bucket. Loved the drip line and my fingers. Even ate a crab in the bucket. In his new home now and he went in to a breeder box that he can get out of anytime he wishes and figures out the lid. I like to do...
  2. T

    Bimaculoides or Bimaculatus

    My brother and I came across 10 or 11 adult Bimac Octopi on a dive recently. They were at about 60ft depth, sandy bottom, and about between 12 to 18 inches from arm tip to arm tip. We were filming, and I want to accurately title the video, so I need to determine if they are Bimaculatus or...
  3. Oktoputeao

    Bicamculoides vs. bimaculatus

    What is the difference between this two octos?