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protein skimmer help me figure out problem

protein skimmer help me figure out problem

i tore it apart today and hooked it back up it works better now that it did before. it just has a lot of foam comint out the tom lof and it the top cup fills up with water first then it starts the foam bubbling. what do u siggest. it is all hooked up sorrectly i think suz i read the directions over and over and tore it apart and cleaned it. let me knwow please
I have that brand of skimmer for my reef tank, it overflowed and all of the water ran into my power strip. Almost caused an electrical fire. I ended up getting a sump and placing it in there. No need to burn my house down!!
i cut a hole in the collection cum abut half way up. then connected an air tube to it then ran the line under my tank into a 5 gallon bucked so all the protein go in there. i just check it every day or so. do u think that will be okay or will i be replacing too much watter?

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