You just never know


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Sep 4, 2006
A friend from times past has recently returned to GA and we have started to email and catch up a bit. I sent her a link to my Octo pics and this was her reply:

I didn't know you had saltwater tanks. Those are a lot of work, kudos!
Octopus are very smart I hear. I've seen them in the wild so to speak.... dragging them out of nets and throwing them back (sometimes to the delight of waiting dolphin who love to play with them).
Had an instance where we had dumped the nets and were cleaning the deck after culling out the shrimp and fish. Threw a squid over the side, turned around and it was on the deck. Figured I hit the gunwale so picked it up and tossed it again. Turned around and saw it on the deck. Stumped I went over, picked it up and tossed it away from the boat. Dolphin promptly retrieved it and tossed it back up on the deck. He thought it was a great game... I thought it a stinky nuisance.