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YEsss, I just caught a baby cuttle fish!!

JOJO1978;152567 said:
This picture was taken in 08 on a morning dive in Maui...does not look like an octopus to me!

Right - not an octopus, but not a cuttle either. Reef squid - Sepioteuthis
Last year when i was in St. John my buddy and I (he's a marine biologist) ran into a group of reef squid, 3 of them. We hung around for about 45 minutes and they swam away and came back several times to check us out. We thought that was pretty amazing.

Then we ran into a group of 6 the next day, another 30 minutes of checking each other out.

Then we ran into a group of 15 the day before we left. THAT was incredible.

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