Wunderpus journal


Mar 15, 2019
Very cool! Very interesting tank setup!!
Thanks! I decided to try one of the Biorb aquariums. It was easy to octoproof by just putting something with some weight to it on the lid and to cover one hole. It’s filtration is basically a sponge filter and the sand and live rock. I just do 50% water changes to keep nitrates down and that’s about it. I tried to keep the setup as minimal as possible. I’ve tried to read other journals to see what other people tried and evaluated what worked and what didn’t. I also looked at an old article on mimic and wunderpus care and noticed they had some anonymous logs on the lifespan of mimics and wunderpus’. With that chart I noticed one lived to 11 months in a 15 gallon aquarium. I also know Richard Ross had one years ago that lived to 10 months but I forget what size tank it was in, but I know it was connected to a larger system. So I decided to try a small aquarium with large water changes and lots of feedings. She always finds the crabs right away due to the tank being small and she also can see my family and we always try to interact with her to keep her entertained. Three months is definitely not a terrible amount of time for this species in captivity but I’m hoping she keeps going strong with the simple approach.