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Would this be okay???

Sep 6, 2005
Could i feed a baby two spot clams when baby and then move to frozen shrimp when older with the every now and than crawdad.
Also how many clams do you feed them when they are babies and for how long.
as long as the clams are small enough (smaller than his mantle). sometimes they wont eat frozen shrimp right away so you have to be persistant. also try red leg hermits, reef snails (i think turbos and naurses though im probably spellin that wrong) fiddlers, and ive had good luck with grean crabs from the fish'n store.
Thanks cuttlegirl, some terms just don't translate!

really dumb kid (I'm sure you're not really! after all you're asking before jumping in!) your fresh water crawdads woudl be OK if it REALLY is only now and then. Freshwater food just isn't right for marine critters(kinda like you living on a diet of candy.....tastes nice but too much is bad for your health!). Try for some live crabs or marine shrimps....much better for an octopus!

I must agree, if you cant properly feed you ceph you shouldn't keep it. Your ceph needs a balanced diet of shrimp, clams, fiddler crabs, and a variety of other foods, In the wild they do not eat one thing, as you would not want to eat one type of food all day - everyday! That would be nasty, not to mention very unhealthy becasue you would be getting huge amounts of certian nutrients, but completly ignoring the other nutrients one needs to survive. So sad to say but theres no way around it, your gonna have to fork over the cash to get the right foods. I am still investigating collecting fresh crabs and clams for tonmo members. But the 10 fiddlers for 13 bucks which incudes shipping is gonna be hard to beat.
blue legs might b ok at first but there kina small. eventually youll move onto the scarlets witch are bigger and then so on
you may obtain 35 for around 50$ on ebay (thats s+h included) just search under live crabs the listing should still be up as its buy it now price.

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