Would just like to know before she dies

Sep 10, 2006
Hey all! I'm making one last attempt at I.D.ing Vigo/Vigette before shes gone. Her adult size is a mantle of about2-2.5" with arms that reach 8-10"s when outstreched. Her resting color is grey (with a blue/green sheen when the lighting is right). Back when she was active,her "hanging out" color was a light tan. Attack mode is what you see in my pics (love that pattern). I know she's a small-egged species since she has a couple hundred of them in her den right now.
Hope someone can help out,I would love to know what she is.


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But she has eggs, so she couldn't be a vulgaris, far too small.

A blue-green sheen is often associated with briareus, but she doen't like like the briareus I've seen.

Octos are difficult to ID and there are many more species than you'd find in Cephalopods: A World Guide or on Ceph Base.

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Hi Caz2020

well, i wouldn't actually like to guess on this one... briareus has large eggs and its way too small for vulgaris.

sorry for lack of help
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