Wiggles, the Squid!!!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Nov 20, 2002
Has taken up residence on my computer monitor at work. An early christmas present from a coworker who knows my obsession!

My mass of collectable cephlapods.......... has started!!!!!!!!!!


Wiggles is definitely a winning Beanie - although suspiciously octopus-like (shape, number of legs) to be billed as a squid.
Regardless of identity crises though, I have one on the dash in my car and one in NZ. :smile:
Ya know..... I did count arms and noticed 2 spouts (outtakes????not sure of correct name) :smile: but you're right!!! He does look more octopus!!!!

I renamed my Wiggles Beanie "Archi". I also renamed my Inky Beanie "Orbi" (long story). They seem to be pretty happy about it! But what I'm really looking for is a Hagen-Renaker Octopus to keep my feisty little Hagen-Renaker Mermaid company. I had the chance to grab one up months ago on eBay, but by the time I was able to afford it, it wasn't posted anymore :cry:

If anyone here happens to spot a Hagen-Renaker Octo for sale online, pleeeeze let me know. My Mermaid will be eternally grateful and will put in a good word for you to Poseidon!

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