Why is the Giant Squid so giant?


Colossal Squid
Nov 19, 2002
As for going to uni and changing careers Jean, I would dearly love to do that but unfortunately atm money is my biggest hurdle. The costs for uni to obtain a degree then a masters is out of my price range until i pay this house off.

Don't I know it!!! I could buy a pretty fancy house in an upmarket part of town with my student loan!!!!!!!!

I agree that squid seem to be exeptionally sensitive with other senses, but we were keeping them with no other tankmates and out of curiousity we put the food in with a minimum of splashing. So I still feel that scent, taste, chemorecpetion .....whatever! plays a part. But vibration (& sight!) are also hugely important. When we put live baitfish in the squid appeared much faster, boy can these guys move!!!! there was definitely a different response time. With the live fish the squid "noticed" them far faster than with the fillets!

Dec 24, 2002

Actually I agree wholeheartedly with you about sight and vibration. The cephalopod eye is unequaled among invertebrates, and vibration makes perfect sense considering the medium in which the creatures live. I personally believe that the squid is the molluscan "fish", that is, the molluscan answer to the ecological niche need for a raptorial predator. If you think about it, the shapes are similar, and the types of prey are also pretty much the same. Yeah, its not as convergent evolution as the shark/dolphin/icthyosaur, but pretty darn close.

I guess I tend to see patterns in nature...

Now why am I so lousy at calculus?!??! :smile:

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