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White spot on octo"s head/body??

Sep 23, 2012
Dardenne Prairie , MO
I finally had my octopus come out of his hiding den and took video and pictures but I noticed something, lets just say odd and it worried me a little. Their is a white spot on him that doesn't seem to change colors when he does. He is eating well and moving around the tank well. Below is a picture.Is this something serious to be worried about? Ive only had him for about a week now.

http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/...obile Uploads/20160909_173654_zpsiisockgf.jpg
The white spot is definitely from damage to the area and will probably not recover the ability to change color. As long as the area does not become swollen (ie infected), I would not expect additional impact as it appears fully healed. I am not sure about how well body damage recovers in young vs old animals. We know the arms regenerate more slowly in mature animals but little has been noted about chromatophore recovery to damaged areas.
Ok. I don't remember him having that mark on him when I got him. Which makes me wonder how it happened and what I did wrong that could have caused it? He is doing very well. I have videos of him changing color and bouncing around the tank trying to stealth out a big emerald crab I have in the tank. When I get them uploaded I will post them. Maybe someone could shed some light on his health and behavior to me about him since Rupert is my 1st octo.
that's an amazing video -- and a bit intense at times! That's a great looking octo you have... looks like it's feeling pretty healthy to me!
Your octopus does look good! Very active.
But I was wondering - that's a pretty big crab in there with him. You don't suppose it could have taken a swipe at your octo and that's what caused the damage, do you?

Thanks for the compliments. Yes the crab was big. A guy I know who has had a few octo's as pets told me that Rupert could handle them....After many failed tries on capturing the crab, I finally had enough of the emerald and took him back to the fish store to exchange him for a smaller one. As we speak, Rupert is munching on a blue legged hermit crab. He loves those. I had a bit of a crisis a few days back and thought Rupert was dying. It freaked me out. I will try and post a video here of his behavior. I'm going to guess he had a very small hermit crab underneath them that I could never see that he was feasting on because whenever he feeds he becomes Motionless...I don't know? But he has made a great recovery and I've been told that the marks on him are not uncommon and that my friend had one with the same marks on his to? Anyways he seems to be doing great I put some new corals in there for the tank to help with color and other things.
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