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Where to get a cuttle?

Mar 21, 2006
I want to get some sepia bandensis eggs or at least sepia officinalis eggs.I would accept some babies too.Does anyone have any info on any website selling some?I've been trying for weeks but still got no luck.
Blue Dragon you live near where all the cool stuff lives! I am surprised that you don't have more available there- even if it was only on the menu. :wink:

I will be looking in a couple months too-I will be watching this thread. I figured I would have to get a Vulgaris octo because they are near where I live and available.

Good Luck!
i may seem to live where cuttles do but i'm still finding it hard to get one.Even the local fish shops don't have them.it seems i can't get a tank big enough to home sepia officinalis.whats more is that i plan to breed them so i'll need a realy big tank and there's just no space so i've decided that i only want sepia bandensis.

Thanks for your help so far.
Its not a them, its a he. And I believe that he does not have any right now and that he typically doesn't distribute to people he doesn't know.
www.stickycricket.com is the website of a member here. He has lots of excellent videos and a great article in the article section. He writes under the name of "Righty", so look for his posts for great cuttle information.

Since octopets went under I don't know of any commercially tank raised cuttles. Octopets had the big guys, not dwarfs. I found a few eggs from a LFS, but that is all I have seen anyone mention online -here anyway.

Good Luck!

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