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Where to find cuttle fish?

Jun 8, 2008
Hi am i new to these forms and i would like to purchase two dwarf cuttlefish and heard two people sell them form these forums? Also here is some information on the habitat.

38 gallon tall hex
100 gph protein skimmer (cover intake)
1 Nano Power
Normal lighting along with a red bulb (heard it makes them come out more?)
no lr as of now
I have a bag of ls mixed with home depot sand so i could make a deep sandbed

Coral going into it from my reef tank:
12 frillyt sponge frags
30 Shrooms
100 zoos
Gonna buy a gorgian for it

Cleaner crew (i know half pf it will dissapear :lol:)
Turbo/Nas snails
About 10 hermits that i hope it eats
And will it eat a tube worm or urchin?

Food i will feed it:
Live shrimp (mysis ghost brine)
I got a few cleaner clams if it like em
And my special carnivor frozen food (krill brine egg brine etc )

Now my question to you is will this setup be ok or no?

Also what type of plants and macro algea will it like? I am hoping in the future if all goes well i can breed em so thankyuo for your input.


TONMO Supporter
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Mar 8, 2004
:welcome: to TONMO. It sounds pretty good to me, but you should wait on recommendations from experienced cuttle-parents... I'm not at all sure about the corals, and I doubt the red light would make a difference for bandensis; they (and most cuttles) seem pretty happy at any light level... bobtail squids and dwarf octos are the ones that really benefit from the red lights.
Sep 16, 2005
Have you read this article?


It should answer some of your questions.

Young S. bandensis eat live mysids. When they get larger, they can eat shore shrimp or crabs. Brine shrimp are never a good food for cuttlefish. You can sometimes wean then onto frozen mysids and shrimp, but it can take awhile.

Look at some of Thale's or Paradox's threads on S. bandensis.
Jun 8, 2008
thankyou for that but i already spend 2 hours reading on the great site of www.DaisyHillCephFarm.com and a cephalopod care page.

I guess i will be skipping out on the brine......now how about jawfish? i already breed em and get abouy 20 out the 30 or so to live for a month but then they die off......will the live one be ok for it? (so far i had 20 out of 120 succesful jawfish breedings)

edit*are you selling any cuttlefish?
Sep 16, 2005
I don't have any cuttles right now. In general, it is not recommended to keep fish with S. bandensis, since they usually become food for the cuttlefish when they get bigger. However, there have been a few members that have kept fish with cuttles successfully. Illithid was one such member.

As for temperature, I kept mine at about 78 F.