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Where is the Best World Diving for Ceph Encounters?


Blue Ring
Apr 22, 2010
What island is Two Fish Divers on? I like to be in places with limited electricity- it means my buddy can't spend the whole trip editing. Hopefully they don't have the generators running 24/7 yet!

How many people were on board in Thailand? I have a good friend running a dive shop there so when it's quiet we can take the boat out at cost but we normally go to Koh Haa because it's closer than Koh phi phi, but if there is a better chance of cephs over there I can spend an extra hour on the boat, they also have a better chance of leopard sharks.


Mar 20, 2019
Hey Guys, I asked a mod before necro'ing this thread and was granted permission soooo
*mana from the gods*
Would love to hear more about people's latest thoughts on these? I am looking to book a trip 2020 potentially to PNG (I like to see animals as if i had a pokedex and the tree-kangaroo's are definitely up there!) - but I also had my first encounter in Ibiza last summer seeing an octopus for the first time in the wild. I went back so many times after but they were just not there again. It was one of the most mesmerizing experiences of my life, needless to say, I'd love to see some more now!

Please share your thoughts about best places to see Cephs today, if you would,

Jun 21, 2020
These suggestions are all wonderful; HOWEVER, I just finished my SCUBA refresher (the instructor said he was “pleasantly surprised” as he didn’t know what to expect from a nearly 69-year-old geezer who hadn’t strapped on a tank in 21 years!) and I can’t afford to go jetting all over the globe.
I live in Dallas and understand the Gulf of Mexico is pretty mucky and unappealing. What spots closer to home might be rewarding for octopus sightings? Cozumel? Prices to get there look great.
I don’t mind diving at night.

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