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Where can I buy squid octopus in the uk?


Jan 8, 2006
Hi All

New to the site just signed up.

Ive always liked the look of squid/cuttlefish and octopus and was thinking of setting up a squid or cuttlefish tank.

Ive been keeping fish for 10 years (tropical Frontosa Zaire Blue cichlids)
and fancied a new challenge.
Does any one know where I can buy these or what season there in the uk as I live 10 mins from the beach and have access to a boat and have many YO ZURI Squid Jigs maybe I could catch myself???

I live in southern England what months do they come???

Thanks David
squids are usually extremely hard to keep because they require deep tanks. and its not even worth the trouble because the tank has to be covered and you'll never see your specimen
Squid can be tricky to keep alive but on the south coast I'd be out talking to fishermen with lobster pots. No reason why you wont be able to get officinalis cuttlefish, Eledone octopuses or even vulgaris octopuses. All three need a big tank though, aim for about a 6x2x2 and a big filter, skimmer etc.

You'll need to wait until late spring early summer at least.

There is a guy near Christchurch who handles cuutle eggs, is that near you?


PS welcome to TONMO :smile:
Hi David, have a read at the articles on the ceph care section of the site here... Cephalopod Care

But if you have had a lot of success with your frontosa etc then it shouldn't be too much of a jump, although, if you haven't kept marines before there is a bit of extra learning to do.

For our native species i would suggest that you set up a 6x2x2 tank and have a huge protein skimmer before getting the eggs, doesn't take long before you will need the space.

send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you the details


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