where are the Cephs??

Mar 9, 2006
:mad: Ugh i am so mad...I am trying to find a place thats sells cuttlefish anyone know any good places :confused:
Also bimacs be nice :wink:

Also what would be the best food for a bimac or cuttles(bandenis preference) and where can i get that food.
I have a 75 gallon tank with live rock and a semi thick sand bottom tank...trying to get some algae in...I also am using a very small air stone just for the extra oxygen and current. :biggrin2:
Please have a look at the Octopus Availability thread over in the Octo Q&A forum. The company that was providing tank bred bimacs has apparently closed down - we are having to rely on other octo sources and other species.

You might have to wait until springtime or early summer to see a lot of ceph imports...ah well, it gives us a lot of time to 'scape the tanks!

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