When you don't know?


O. vulgaris
Jun 16, 2008
Decided to split the Ceph into its own stand alone system rather than linked to the Multi Mantis Shrimp system, allowing me to keep the original Stomatopod head count intended.

To ensure the security and stability of the Plumbing Side of the Display Tank I will have quite thick glass (thicker than the rest of the Display) and have it Tempered / Toughened.

The Octopus will still have a solid source of variable live food from the storage below the Multi Mantis Shrimp System anyway.

- UV Sterilizer to help control and minimize algae growth.
- Over Sized External Skimmer because its better than smaller.
- Carbon Reactor only as other medias seem pointless and more for corals normally.
- Large NSW/RODI Reservoirs; Mech Float Switch for RODI ATO and NSW fed into 1st sump chamber for easy refill when water changing.
- Powerful Custom LED Light Fixture with X amount of LEDs but at a ratio of 10Red to 2Blue (660nm Red being the best for Refugium macro algae growth), Marine Pure Blocks as Live Rock but NO sand in the Refugium (not needed).
- Large Return Pump (Laguna 16,500LPH) feeds Reactor & UV Sterilizer including system turn over.
- No 90degree angles, rigid flexy hose where ever it can be used, if hard PVC then all 45degree angles, union valves, union ball valves everywhere!

The KEY to it all is getting the plumbing in that side wall and having it "flush" with that wall.