What's up with this?

Mar 20, 2009
Yeah I ordered before seeing this page.... It's ironic I was lurking before the order too :frown:
It's upsetting I have really wanted a cuttle then no hatching.... Then my octopus... *sigh*
May 27, 2009
Bruce Eismann

So I also bought from this scammer before I found out that it was a bad idea on this site. It is definitely the guy, Bruce, you are talking about, exact same address and everything. He says he has a business partner named betty that he works with but it all seems bogus!! He uses pictures from this site and even sent me a "cuttlefish care sheet" that was taken word for word from the Richard Ross article "Keeping and Breeding the dwarf cuttlefish Sepia bandensis" the pictures even credit Richard Ross and Mike Irving!!!

The first two shipments I received were horrible, one was a bunch more eggs than I paid for and were all duds. Then he replaced that order and it arrived with a huge hole in the bag that looked like it was done before it was sent!!! I have finally received some fertilized eggs and they are doing well so far!! I have learned my lesson though, if these dont make it I will buy from here when I decide to try again!!