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What toys do you give your octo


Feb 9, 2008
Im curious what people put in their tanks, wanted to get some ideas of non toxic items I can introduce besides the feeding stick he plays with for a minute or two. I tried the 50 cent machine plastic balls also, and he wasnt a huge fan of those.
Sep 8, 2006
I've got a tiny clear plastic test-tube with a snap on blue lid. I fill it half full of water so it's not too terribly buoyant and tease Kalypso with it. Occasionally she will chase it down and snag it, wrap it up, and then she lets it go. She gets bored with it pretty quick. I'm going to stick some krill inside of it and see if that holds her attention any better.

If you've got the container those little dispenser toys come in you should try sticking a live crab inside it. I need to remember next time I go to Wally World to get one and try that out. I have some tiny tupperware but I don't think the girlfriend would be thrilled if I used it.