What Octo do i have???

Apr 18, 2004
Hi there, im new to the husbandry as of today, April 18. Although ive been reading acticles for almost a month now, my local pet store finally had an octo. the only thing that is wrong is that they and I did not know what kind it was. I know it is very difficult to tell, but i'm gonna give it a try any ways.

It has a mantle langth of about an inch with an overall lebgth of about 8 inches. Although ive only had it for about 4 hours, It's most common color seems to be a cream or it is clear, which is normal, but it has alot of lite, but shiney green specles all over it. As soon as i put it in the tank is started to cruise around looking in holes for food and didnt even care about hiding like most new octo's. It seems to not be bothered by light at all. I even stuck my hand in the tank and dropped a baby crab infront of it which it ate immediately. I'm gonna take a stab and say it's a vulgaris, but who knows.

I'm kinda shopcked by how cool it's acting so if anyone can share some info that would be great. I will have pics shortly after it comes out from feeding later.
Talk to the person who placed/received the original shipment to find out where the Octopus came from. (Ex. Caribbean, off the coast of California, Tank Raised, etc.) If it doesn't show on their invoice have them call the supplier and see where they get their Octopus from.
Octo Origin

I think they said it might have come from florida, that is where his supplier is located also he said. Not 100% possitive. Picture is coming soon though... He seems to be more Brownish red now as he is climbing throughout the tank.

Here is a photo

OK, this is the only photo i could get of it, as i swam out and snatched the damsel that i couldn't catch. It definately has light blue-green spots all over it's body almost all the time, and it looks like they are raised to form texture alot also. Any info would be most helpful thanks.
How large are these blue/green spots? Can you get a photo when he has his spots?

I'm afraid you may have a blue ring. (Toxic!) Please don't handle him until you know for sure. Better safe than sorry.

their real small, and i seriously doubt it's a blue ring because i've been observing it change color all day, and it's been freaked out a couple times, and i have yet to see and blue ring anywhere, and it also doesnt have the body shape of a usual blue ring, but i can't say it isnt a blue ring though either. Thanx
what kind???

I'm still doing my best but i got two that i might think it is, either Octopus Joubini or briareus. still taking guesses on what it might be???? I hope your right, i'd like to have a Bimac... :biggrin2:
Those pics sure look like Jetta :frown: I would say a Briareus as well and as far as webbing she did not have webbing until i put the lobster in the tank :wink:
New Pics

Here are some new pictures of the Octopus, I still going to go with Briareus.

I have another question. How long does it take to get copper out of a 75 gallon tank? I added it a week ago to sure a fish. I did a 50% water change today and i added activated carbon and a copper sponge that is supposed to absorb it all. I should say how long would you wait before adding an octopus?

Ryan Satow
I'm not sure you can ever safely add an octopus to a tank that has been treated with copper. It gets into the silicone, rock and everything and even a miniscule amount of copper is fatal.

Great pictures!! I like the orange around the eyes. What kind of camera? Are you using a flash? I found my octopuses tolerated the camera better when I didn't blind them!!!


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