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Nov 24, 2002
Hey all:

I've been voting for TONMO at Aqua Rank (link at top of page). I have noticed that we have yet to make it into the top 25. Hrmphhh! :x

Come on people! Is it appropriate that the "Cichlid Sickness" page is ranked more highly than us????? :bonk:

I say Lets get out there and vote early and often. We can show those sick cichlids that cephs RULE!!! :mrgreen:

Yeah! Right on! Power to the cephs!

Some factual info:

1) AquaRank resets their listings every Sunday. Your vote will only be counted once per week -- then *every site* is zeroed out.

2) TONMO.com was indeed ranked 18th last week. Woo-hoo!

3) Some of you may not know exactly what to do. Basically, just click the AquaRank icon, then click "Vote for Website". Then, Find TONMO.com in the listing (usually on page 1 or 2) and select the "Rate This Site" link. I think a "10" is most appropriate. :D

4) Why bother with this? Because it helps bring like-minded folks into our growing community.

Thanks for your support!!
Although this did get us some decent referrals and I'm sure some members of our community found us via AquaRank, I've pulled the program from the site, because their server is down too often... On the hunt for a sponsor to fill the void... :sly:

Will keep an eye on AquaRank however and perhaps will bring the link back if it becomes stable...

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