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what do YOU keep

Jul 24, 2003
none of them yet (soon a bimac) but i have got a spider that lives on me kitchen window ledge called Archie who i feed moths an catapillars almost every day to. im tryin to teach him to recognise me by tappin by his den when i come to see him. which seems to be workin as he used to be a nervous wreck an now he comes an runs right across the ledge to catch the food i bring him!!! seriously!!! lol

he's called Archie cause (Colin will appreciate this!!!!) i found him there about a year an half ago an forgot about him until not long ago, when i rediscovered him on the day Scotland played Holland an won one-nil.........had to be called Archie after Archie Gemill (spellin?) from the last one-niler between Scot-Holl

for those who dont understand watch the film trainspottin!!! you will then :lol: :lol: :lol:

(sorry to the dutch on here, but your compensation is Amsterdam, :party: :smoke: :shock: :smoke: :bugout: :smoke: :goofysca: :smoke: :bonk: :wine: :cheers: :arr: :headphon: :lol: 8) excellent!!)

People should say what their other pets are aswell!!!!

well im sure you didnt want that load of jibberish, but hey anythin other than study!!!! :lol:


Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
I did keep a bimac, Ollie, but she died about 6 weeks ago. So I'm between octopuses, and intend to get another bimac, but not in the near future.

Right now I have a small invertebrate tank with a very friendly cleaner shrimp (skunk shrimp) who comes whenever he sees either of us. Also hermit crabs, snails, big featherduster, strange mushroom anemone, etc.



TONMO Supporter
Feb 15, 2003
i keep change in my pockets....does it count if i arrrange it like an octo?