wetdry hangon with skimmer for sale


O. bimaculoides
Dec 21, 2002
this Amiracle sl-15 filter is 1 1/2 years old and it has been running my bimacs tank a 46 gallon bow with heavy feedings cause I also keep a clown fish in there and dont whant the bimac to get hungry and eat the clown .
My nitrates never whent above 20 everything elses 0
I paid $240 for this filter at drsfostersmith.com I will sell for $100 including shipping bellow is the description

* Get up and running in no time with this compact, complete, hang-on filter system - just add water
* Easily give your aquarium pets clean, healthy water with an efficient venturi protein skimmer and effective bio-filter
* Effortlessly ensure peak filter performance with a built-in float switch

This compact, complete, hang-on filter system includes everything you need and is ideal for aquariums 50 to 90 gallons. Simply hang it on the back of your aquarium, add water, and it's ready to go! The venturi protein skimmer filters all of the water prior to entrance into the biological chamber - increasing the efficiency of both the skimmer and the bio-filter. The SL-15 also includes a built-in float switch to ensure that the filter pump never runs dry! Includes two Rio powerheads, 1- 600 pt pump & 1- 800 hp pump, rated for 125 gph each. Measures 24" x 14" x 4.5


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Have you decided on a different system, or are you getting out of salt??? I'm interested, but am curious as to why???
I was very happy with the filter even though the skimmer made very little foam except the time I was cureing live rock it foamed like crazy other than that I would get about a cup a week , I guess the bioload isnt that big but anyway this filter is rated for 50 to 90 gallons and I came across a good deal for a 125 so I got a whole new system maybe one day after my bimac passes I'll try a cuttlefish
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