well im back from the bahamas!

Feb 24, 2005
well despite the fact that my dive case never came in for my camera i still got some pictures of the local aquatic inhabitants in the tide pools at night so here they are. first up is the entry and some of the land creatures. the box car racers are the most mysterious and hardest to find, but i managed to sneak up on a couple displaying courting gestures


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next is a famous local the curly tailed lizard and a good day of spearfishing


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and now for the fun stuff

first is the octo bri. i found the first night. now this guy had a mantle of about 2.5 inches and was very playful. for 2 hours i sat there with him in his 1 gallon tide pool playing tug o war with the net handle and letting him play with my fingers then we ended the encounter with a hand fed large turbo snail.


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next up we have octo bri. number two that i found the last night i was there. this one was a little smaller and had slightly different color variations and was a little more timid than the first but regardless he eventually warmed up to me and began to play with me also. this encounter also ended with a hand feeding session but this time with a sally lightfoot crab


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and last but not least we have some random tide pool inhabitants. the goby is one of my favorite tide pool fish because these guys jump from pool to pool which can sometimes be 2 to 3 feet away and another 2 to 3 feet up or down in altitude and trust me these little fellas dont miss them often it baffles me how they know where to jump to. and in one picture trust me theres a fish just look closely and youll see it


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now that ive personally seen the behaviors and colorations of the briarieus species im definitly going to get one of these next over another bimac. these little fellas are awsome. considering that they were wild and still that willing to play shows alot of personality
What an interesting report and pics! Amazing that you found briareus to play with in tide pools! Sounds like a wonderful trip :smile:

Did Kashmir miss you? What did you do about feeding while you were gone?

Wow! Those are awesome pics. What kind of camera? I know you posted it somewhere but I forget. What a great trip. Bet it was hard to tear yourself away from those octos!

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