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Steve O'Shea

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Nov 19, 2002

Welcome to Physiology & Biology, where we will attempt to answer those technical questions you might have on aspects of cephalopod physiology and biology. It is a huge field, and sometimes some of the responses will be taken straight from text books, sometimes we'll make them up and then duck for cover, and sometimes we might have to leave them in the 'too hard' basket, but we'll do our best. Moreover, for some questions there may be no known answer, or we might not know it (highly likely), but as many experts check out www.TONMO.com, I'm sure an answer will be forthcoming.

There are a number of online articles: guide to frequently used characters, character states and measures in cephalopods; articles on Architeuthis (the giant squid) reproduction and buoyancy, and large-squid-fixing notes; fact sheets on Architeuthis, Mesonychoteuthis (the colossal squid), and Haliphron atlanticus (the Giant Gelatinous Octopus), and a few other squids that attain 'giant size'; cephalopod biology.

If you are interested in researching cephalopod systematics, or aspects of their biology or ecology, drop us a line. If you have something else you'd like to do then you are more than welcome to approach us with ideas.

A lot of information posted on these threads can only be found on TONMO. Sometimes we post information that has yet to be published; some of it might never be published; sometimes we are thinking out aloud (and we might change our mind after discussion); sometimes we simply have fun. Join in.

Tony has done a marvelous job setting this up, and we thank him here for all of his help.

Read on, enjoy, and thanks for tuning in.

Finally, for the beginners in this field, click here for some basic information on octopus and squid.
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