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[Octopus]: Wayne - Macropus Complex First Ever Octopus


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Sep 4, 2006
Since Wayne is different from other Macropuses we have in journals we don't have much to go on. To date we only know of two (and the second is somewhat questionable) groups that are seriously poisonous to humans, the genus Hapalochlaena - the blue ring group - and Octopus mototi. All octopuses (as far as we know) are poisonous and the amount of reaction varies from person to person (see our Octopus Bites thread for reported reactions and please consider adding your incident and reactions. Looking briefly at the thread, this post is likely to be closest to Wayne). Antihistamine seems to be the only medication but be sure to use antibiotic on the cut. The bit won't cause infection but the water very likely will. It is a good idea to use an antibiotic cream on any small hand cuts if you expose it to your tank (with or without an octopus). We have had at least two people visit the doctor (and one a short hospital stay) resulting from infected fingers (that may or may not have been tank related but the tank was suspect).

I've been nipped a couple of times but never with broken skin and never with a healthy animal (although I keep wondering if Shiitake will change that, she can be quite aggressive at times). I am very cautious about allowing my hands/fingers near the beak. The times I have been bitten I have been holding a senescent animal and trying to either back on the substrate or in a net to allow it to die unmolested. Both animals were well familiar with my hand and I believe they knew they were safe from the pestering clean-up crew and did not want to to be placed back in the sand.

Next time Wayne is too grabby, try gently rubbing the top side of the arms with any fingers you can free. This will often get them to release you without your needing to pull against them (which will invariably make them grab tighter and pull harder). It is a bit hard not to panic but you have 5 fingers and Wayne is not using all eight arms :biggrin2:.
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Aug 10, 2014
Thanks for all your help! Bleeding stopped after a few minutes, hand felt a bit "pins and needle" like, but that soon went away. Still alive and healthy :smile:

I'm also in the process to upgrading Wayne to a system four times the size of his current one. He will be lost haha. Hopefully the transition will be smooth. :smile:

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