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Water Paremeter care...

Jan 6, 2003
cthulhu77 said:
Sea water is one of the most interesting compounds on the planet (as well as one of the most prolific too, lol ) , and reproducing it in the home aquarium is a trying process, for sure. You can't maintain correct levels of dissolved metals and gasses by just adding fresh water, and doing regular water changes is mandatory to keep the tank healthy. It is fine to top off the tank with ro water, but remember... a lot of important minerals boil off during evaporation, so at least a 10% water change is required monthly, if not biweekly.


Oh, of course. Nancy explained that to me previously. 10% of whatever gallons of water in your tank must be changed weekly..or 20% biweekly. I understand how to reproduce salt water in the home aquarium. Im definately going to be using RO/DI water with aquarium salt to get the safest and purest waters. Water changes are always a must.


TONMO Supporter
Mar 15, 2003
"just checking the specs on the rotary gears"

LOL...With that type of maintenance, you should be just fine. As far as timelines from initial fail to total crash??? It can happen in hours, but that is usually due to an underlying problem (anaerobic decay, etc), so typically you have at least a day or so to fix any pop up problems.