wasabe update


May 15, 2003
Wasabe has finally been transfered to the new tank along with his lionfish friend. He is doing well and has grown quite a bit :smile: .The old tank is now being used to house another lionfish.
How long have they been co-habs Joel?

Ever see any aggresion or other interactions?
Well, wasabe inked about half an hour ago. I removed some of it using a fine net, wasabe and the lion seem to be doing fine but I was just wondering if sepia could be asorbed by filter feeders.
Sepia ink?

The wrost thing about it with filter feeders is that it sticks to the filter feeders and coats them with the slimy ink and prevents them from feeding.

Used to happen to my leather corals, I had to blow the ink off them with a turkey baster.

Think the Volitans made it ink?
Nope, It was actually my fault. I came to him with a the net containg his lunch and I guess he didn't realise I was there. I put my hand out, dropped a shrimp in and he inked.The protein skimmer has already removed most of the ink :smile: .
It's not gonna be easy on my feather duster worms as they always retract back into their tube. And whats more, their "feather duster" is also their gills :? .
Well im learning at the moment.. but i would REALLY love to start a cuttlefish tank..

that being said.. are those types of CF's readily available int he US?

I really would like some Cuttlefish but i want them to be a deacent size and not too small
:welcome: to TONMO.com

Sepia Bandensis are the most commonly imported species to the US, however, it would take quite a bit of luck to find one. They will grow to about 3 inches ML. The problem is that because the US has no native cuttlefish species, the cuttlefish have to be imported.

Cuttlefish aren't good shippers and about 9 in 10 cuttles will die during transit. To make it worse, most of the cuttles that survive arrive as adults, which means they have a pretty short time left to live.

You could check with your LFS if they can get a cuttle, but I think bimacs are best for people who are looking for an interesting , colourful and diurnal cephs.
Wasabe can now be fed by hand, kinda like Colin's pic. I tried to get pics but the tentacles were too fast. Wasabe missed once and got my thumb, now I got a scratch mark on my nail from his beak.
That;s why i got my sister to take the shots and for me to sacrafice my fingers LOL

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