Was it just cause she loves me???

Jul 15, 2005
I got home late today and sat down to check my e-mails. (my computer is right by my tank). Puplo was running all over this side of the tank. I would stop and go over to her and she would stop and look at me. When I went back to the computer she would go back to jetting around. Was she really trying to get my attention or just our for a stroll?

I took lots of pics while she was out so take a look



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here are some pics of me giving her a clam. She just started eating them a week ago. This was the first time she has taken one from my hand.
She will grab a crab like its her job.
I almost had a great shot of her arm on the clam in my hand but you know digi cams they never take the pic when you want...


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I have a young cat who behaves exactly the same way as Pulpo. Yes. She wants attention. This is why the Jamaicans refer to octopi as 'sea cats'. They act exactly the same way, but underwater.

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