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Blue Ring
Sep 21, 2004
Sure, PM me and ask away!
I started out researching and writing natural history docs and then expanded into all sorts of other areas. Mostly i do the bulk of the initial research and develop the films from a basic idea into a full series or one-off film. I've developed quite a few things for Discovery and National Geographic as well as lots of series for regional TV (which i'd rather forget about to be honest :goofysca: ) and i turn my hand to most areas now, science, history, arts, nature, you name it. The oceans series is the highest-profile thing i've worked on - i doubt you'd know any of the other films and series i've made, although they were, of course, expertly researched :cool2:

I don't do much work on the prehistoric docs mainly because we know so many experts in the field now (plus the two directors of the company know far more than i do about the subject) that we go straight to them for the research. As far as specialist researchers (without TV experience) go, we often get people in who are just completing phds or have just graduated and they're always great to work with. But that's normally on a case by case basis (eg when we started on oceans we got in a great researcher from SOC who was just completing her phd in marine bio, specialised in hydrothermal vent biology) so it depends on what we're making at the time as to whom we will get in. A long time ago my Dad was a lab tech for Malcolm Clarke so when i was a kid he used to teach me about squid nervous systems and stuff like that, guess i got the research and ceph bug back then, but making TV about science appealed to me more than academic research.

Feel we're a bit off topic here, but please do PM if you want any advice and i'll be glad to help if i can.


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